Scotland for Animals is a fully recognised charity entirely staffed by volunteers donating their time and efforts for the benefit of animals in Scotland. Our charity number is SCO39109.

Our volunteers tirelessly campaign to raise awareness of all the issues facing animals within Scotland and beyond.

Despite how the media often portrays animal campaigners, what you find here is a dedicated team of decent people from all kinds of backgrounds looking to build a better country for some of the forgotten and hidden issues facing animals today.


The aims are simple. We aim to campaign for change, for better protection of animals, for clearer more transparent information available to the public on all matters that cover animals and the insufficient legislation we currently have protecting them.

Seems simple, doesn't it? You'd be quite surprised at just how much red tape, politics, misinformation can get in the way of providing something so basic to the helpless and defenceless.

Please take a look at our campaigns pages to see current initiatives, get in touch, we'd love to get you on board!


Unlike some other charities we receive no government funding or Lottery commission funding.

We rely 100% on donations to fund our campaigns from supporters As such, 100% of the donation received are used to fund the campaigns.

There are no fancy offices, no 'perks' and no selfish agendas.

If you can help us, large or small please accept our sincere thanks.

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