The Brief

Each year hundreds of animals are subjected to cruelty under the guise of entertainment. The animals suffer lives of total misery whilst being forced to perform in circus acts operating in Scotland and throughout the UK.
The Scottish Government promises action. If this does in fact happen it will only cover 'wild' animals. Only a minute proportion of animals used in the industry will be saved. The show will roll on without your help.

The Research

Over the years time and time again the cruelty and brutality of this industry has been exposed*. From Trudy the Chimp to Anne and Flora the elephants the horror show keeps on going.
Animals don't perform acts naturally, they're beaten and terrorised into submission for the paying public. In between being paraded out to perform they are transported in cramped vehicles and confined to tiny enclosures and cages. Some animals spend nearly all of the their lives tethered by chains.

The Facts

  • We're not talking back street small time operation circuses. Some of the most famous stills you can see here and elsewhere are coming from some of the biggest names in the business.

  • Existing regulations have been proven time and time again to be completely inadequate.

  • Stating it in the simplest terms animals don't belong in circuses.

What can I do?

Start by making your voice heard. Register your view with representatives.

  • Write to your MSPs and ask them to support a ban. You can do this here.

  • Ask your family, friends and contacts to get involved. Help us get more people on board to pressure for support for a ban.

  • Help our campaign by donating. 100% of your donations go directly to fighting for animals

What should I say?

We don't offer you a template here as that leads to cut & paste emails being ignored and deleted as spam by administration offices staff and ultimately the ministers themselves. Instead you should write a short email in your own words covering the following points:

  • I am fully in support of Scotland for Animals' campaign to amend the law to ban circus animals in Scotland.

  • I ask that as my MSP you do all in your power to ensure that legislation is brought in to protect the animals better until the time comes when a total ban can be achieved.

  • That you wish to see Scotland for Animals and other reputable animal welfare organisations on board to advise and give support.

What about funding?

We desperately need funds to make this campaign effective. Please consider making an urgent donation to this campaign. Large or small, every single penny will go directly towards this. SFA is staffed entirely by volunteers. We take no wages, we have no expensive offices to run and no have no 'staff perks'. This ensures 100% of donation goes straight to the front line.
Thank you.