CCTV campaign: Get ready

After intense campaigning by Scotland for Animals, the Scottish Government is finally to consult the public on legislative proposals covering abattoir CCTV.

We expect the consultation to be live very soon.

This has taken years of hard work which would not have been possible without you.

At the start of our campaign government claimed that the introduction of mandatory CCTV was not legally possible. Together, we have pushed forward to a position where we may now see it implemented.

Scotland for Animals has met with huge resistance from both politicians and industry regarding the issue. We expect this to continue, but with you by our side we will fight to ensure that the voices of animals are heard over those of self-interest.

We will soon be providing more information on how you can exercise your right to take part in this important event.

It’s vital that you take action with us when the time comes. Below is an example, sourced via Freedom Of Information requests by Scotland for Animals, of just one of many ‘incidents’ which occurred in Scottish abattoirs last year.

“[ID Number] on 17/10/17 at approximately 07:05 AM when I was checking the stunning of bovine animals. The kill number [ID Number] was placed in the stunning box by [Name] who holds a full certificate of competence and is the animal welfare officer.

Once the animal was in the stunning box and while [Name] was closing the gate, [Name] (General Manager), who is suspended from his Coc, operated the head restraint. At that moment the slaughterman was not ready to stun the animal due to he was closing the gate.

After the first shot, the animal showed clear signs of consciousness (rhythmical breading, corneal reflects, eye movements and muscle tone) so [Name] tried to apply a second shot but the animal was lying down in the stunning box and he could not reach it so he proceeded to open the stunning box to access the animal through the dry landing area and apply the second shot.

After this, the animal did not show any signs of recovery so he proceeded to hoist it. Once it was at the bleeding point, the animal started to show muscle tone so [Name] called [Name] who applied the third shot”

This is reality for animals.

For every one of them suffering in every slaughterhouse in Scotland, let’s ensure that their time has come.

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