A message from our friends at Say No To Wallyford Track


For the first time ever, DEFRA have forced The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) to publish statistics on an annual basis with regard to death, injury and rehoming numbers of greyhounds racing in the UK. These figures were released in March for 2017 and make stark reading.

From approximately 14000 dogs racing on the tracks last year, 1013 were killed and 4837 were injured. That’s officially! Greyhounds PTS included 257 trackside, 267 designated as unsuitable for rehoming and 326 because of treatment costs or poor prognosis. Thousands of greyhounds are bred each year to cater for 5000 dogs required each week for BAGS racing which is streamed direct to bookies each afternoon from stadiums which are devoid of spectators. Every dog raced is ‘paid’. Sky TV have recently declined to renew their contract with GBGB and will no longer show greyhound racing on their channels.

At present the only GBGB licensed track in Scotland is Shawfield in Glasgow and an unlicensed ‘flapper’ track at Thornton in Fife. Only licensed tracks are included in the statistics. It is unknown how many dogs were killed or injured at Shawfield as there is no requirement for statistics for individual tracks to be produced. We believe this is wrong as Animal Welfare is a devolved power in Scotland.

Unbelievably, in March 2017 planning consent was eventually given which will enable the construction of a new stadium at Wallyford, East Lothian. The public are becoming more aware of the cruelty and abuse in greyhound racing and in a progressive 21c Scotland we should not be condemning more greyhounds to a life of misery where they can be locked up in kennels for up to 23 hours a day and face injury or death each time they are raced. If you agree that animals in Scotland should not be abused for gambling revenue, please sign our petition.

PLEASE write to your MSPs and ask them to look into what appears to be reluctance to apply existing animal welfare laws when it comes to greyhound racing. Also ask for statistics for Scotland to be published separately and demand a complete ban on the industry.

Go here, pop in your postcode and send your message.

We’re aware of moves at minute to possibly reform legislation relating to ‘performing’ animals. Animals used during sporting events, including greyhounds, are currently not included.

While we’re working for a ban this could be a chance to at least better scrutanise the industry. We’ll keep you updated.

Let’s lead the way for the rest of the UK!

Thank you!