Live exports; Motions at Holyrood

On the issue of live exports a motion is being presented to Holyrood asking the Scottish Government to ban the trade.

We welcome Colin Smyth MSPs support for an end to sending animals for fattening/ slaughter. We also note that this motion is an improvement on confusing statements made regarding the situation by some MSPs previously.

While we commend the sentiment behind Mr Smyth’s initiative Scotland for Animals’ interpretation of legislation is that, as a trade matter, live exports is not devolved.

We feel that as a result any support by MSPs for a ban, via a vote for example, would be purely symbolic.

This is not to say however that we do not support this as we believe that it would expose the politicians who support the continuation of live exports, of whom there are many.

Further, regarding the motion’s mention of “Scotland’s reputation for high animal welfare standards” in the sector, this reputation is not supported by reality.

Both the SNP and Scottish Conservative groups at the UK parliament appear to be on the whole against any moves to make the trade illegal. They actually do have the potential to throw a spanner into any legislation and prevent an end to this cruel situation.

We would ask that our supporters back Mr Smyth’s moves to shine a spotlight on this shameful industry but, more importantly, concentrate on demands that our MPs vote to support a ban at Westminster.

You can quickly contact your MP by clicking here

Please also give your support to our friends at Kent Action Against Live Exports

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