Aberdeenshire Council planning to gas rabbits


Regarding below Council has postponed killing.

They’ve stated that “this work will still have to take place, so this is a postponement to examine any realistic alternatives.”

We welcome any breathing space for the animals. This is, however, a carefully worded statement that still causes us concern.

They also go on to add that the issue “has to be addressed quickly” which means things need to be watched closely.

Should management be necessary we hope that the authority will allow consultants with experience in non-lethal solutions to construct and implement any plan of action.




Please contact Aberdeenshire Council and ask them to cancel their plans to slaughter rabbits next Tuesday.

The authority claims that the animals are damaging gravestones at a cemetery in Inverurie so must be exterminated.

The plan is to fill tunnels with poison gas and seal entrances/ exits leaving them trapped to die.

The substance to be used, aluminium phosphide, has been shown to cause severe pain and discomfort.

Aberdeenshire Council appear to be favouring the cheap and nasty option.

While we have every sympathy with relatives visiting the graves of loved ones we believe that non-lethal methods should be employed, if indeed removal is necessary at all.

Perhaps proper investment in maintenance at the site would be more effective.

You can make your views known by contacting the Council HERE

We know you will but please keep all contact polite and informative.

Scotland for Animals will be happy to advise the Council regarding options.

Let government know your views on fireworks

The Scottish Government has announced that it’s “keen to hear the public’s views on the impact of fireworks and action we could take to improve the situation”.

Scotland for Animals would like to see;

1) A ban on the public sale of fireworks.

2) A ban on the discharging of fireworks without a licence.

3) Only licensed displays using reduced noise devices.

4) Criteria for any licence should recognise potential impact on animal welfare.

Let them know that the situation merits urgent action; scottish.ministers@gov.scot

The creep of unstunned slaughter continues

Lancashire County Councillors have recently voted to end the supply of unstunned meat to schools.

SfA commends those who supported this move.

We’re concerned however that the ban only applies to “non-poultry” products which means meat from chickens slaughtered while conscious will still be fed to kids.

Worth noting, as they go to great lengths to solicit the animal rights/ welfare vote, that the Green Party Councillor voted to keep unstunned meat on the menu.

The non-stun industry is playing fast and loose with the law, and the ones with the power to act are turning a blind eye.

We can’t allow hard won welfare improvements to be nullified by the back door. Visit our unstunned slaughter campaign page to take action.

Let’s face up to the meat crisis

Scotland for Animals has long called for curbs on the pushing of meat here and UK wide.

We campaign for a complete end to the ‘rearing’ and slaughter of animals. While we wait for this, we believe inevitable, conclusion SfA also focuses on harm reduction via reduced consumption and improved welfare.

We believe that one slaughtered animal is too much. We’re also realists.

We don’t have the right to refuse support for moves to make the suffering even just less intense, while waiting for the proper solution which may be some way down the road.

We’re not the ones being marched into slaughterhouses.

We welcome the rise in acceptance that meat causes harm. The new report from a team at Oxford is proposing a tax on red meat, and it’s gaining traction.

Meat’s bad news. It’s bad news for animals, it’s bad news for people and it’s bad news for the environment.

The Scottish Government is at this minute pledging to take “decisive action on public health” by cracking down on sweeties, ginger and biscuits.

SfA think they should tackle the real issue.

The government consultation on ‘reducing health harms of foods’is open now, it closes in January 2019.

Go here to let them know that they need to stand up to their mates in the industry and face up to the meat crisis.