Let’s face up to the meat crisis

Scotland for Animals has long called for curbs on the pushing of meat here and UK wide.

We campaign for a complete end to the ‘rearing’ and slaughter of animals. While we wait for this, we believe inevitable, conclusion SfA also focuses on harm reduction via reduced consumption and improved welfare.

We believe that one slaughtered animal is too much. We’re also realists.

We don’t have the right to refuse support for moves to make the suffering even just less intense, while waiting for the proper solution which may be some way down the road.

We’re not the ones being marched into slaughterhouses.

We welcome the rise in acceptance that meat causes harm. The new report from a team at Oxford is proposing a tax on red meat, and it’s gaining traction.

Meat’s bad news. It’s bad news for animals, it’s bad news for people and it’s bad news for the environment.

The Scottish Government is at this minute pledging to take “decisive action on public health” by cracking down on sweeties, ginger and biscuits.

SfA think they should tackle the real issue.

The government consultation on ‘reducing health harms of foods’is open now, it closes in January 2019.

Go here to let them know that they need to stand up to their mates in the industry and face up to the meat crisis.

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