slàinte mhath

To everybody who takes a stand against the tyranny animals suffer every day.

Whether it’s direct action, changing what you buy or sharing a post.

Everything you do is a wee victory.

Scotland for Animals’ next volunteer meeting is last week in January. Let’s come together for a better country.

Have a good time tonight, and all the best for 2019.

UK death toll; October 2018

118 million, 776 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

267 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 422 thousand+ sheep

987 thousand+ pigs

116 million, 100 thousand+ poultry

Does not include animals exported for killing.

UK death toll; September 2018

93 million, 339 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

230 thousand+ cattle.

1 million, 239 thousand+ sheep.

870, 000+ pigs.

91 million+ poultry.

Does not include animals exported for killing.

CCTV in slaughterhouses; Industry sticking two fingers up to FSA

Despite CCTV being mandatory in English slaughterhouses, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed that seven per cent of abattoirs still have “no CCTV system in place”.

It also added that an unconfirmed number “were in the process of complying”.

The deadline for operators to have systems up and running was November 5th.

The Food Standards Agency has stated in response;

“Perhaps they’re not fully compliant at this very minute, but [if] they’re showing a plan to install CCTV and become compliant in the future, therefore, there would be no enforcement action needed to be taken right now”.

Scotland for Animals is concerned, but not surprised, by this development.

It is further indication of a situation that we have been drawing attention to for a long time, that when it comes to enforcement the meat industry is calling the shots.

If you’re in England contact your MP and ask them to ensure that the Food Standards Agency demands immediate compliance with the law.

To support mandatory, independently monitored abattoir CCTV in Scotland visit our campaign page.