Scottish Government announces legislation for mandatory abattoir CCTV


Scotland for Animals welcomes the Scottish Government announcement that it will legislate for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.

Ministers have stated that a law will be brought forward later this year.

Scotland for Animals’ Spokesman John Patrick;

“This announcement is good news. To have come this far would not have been possible without the people who have supported our campaign.”

“They have forced the Scottish Government to abandon it’s long and active opposition to mandatory abattoir CCTV.

“It was said that this would never happen. Together, we have shown what grassroots action can achieve.”

“As positive as this news is we call on everybody not to take their foot off the pedal. It is vital to continue applying pressure on politicians from now until legislation is enacted.”

“We must ensure that any law is workable and includes provision for independent monitoring.”

Scotland for Animals has led the campaign for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in Scottish slaughterhouses.

SfA works towards a society where animals are free from all exploitation. Until this comes we will continue to fight for welfare improvements to reduce suffering where possible.

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