Live exports demo, Glasgow

Thank you to the people (and dogs) of Glasgow’s Parkhead for their support during our demo at David Linden MP’s surgery yesterday.


Linden’s a big supporter of live exports and has spoken on behalf of the SNP against any ban.


Scotland for Animals’ Spokesman John Patrick discussed the issue with him outside. After detailing the flaws and errors in the MPs position and statements, and linden apparently accepting these, John asked him directly if he would now drop his opposition to a ban on live exports.


He refused.



This goes to the heart of everything that’s wrong with the political class and those who are supposed to represent us. It seems principle and moral mettle is readily heaved out the window in favour of career and party.


Regardless of party affiliation or none, every one of them need to be exposed and held accountable.


It can’t go on.


Keep your MPs replies coming, and let us know if you want to plan a demo in your area.


More weans sent to their deaths

Last night, another lorry full of Scottish calves sailed from Ramsgate and into the misery of the veal system.

Babies stolen from their mammies. All for a few quid.

Get in touch with us if you want to help bring this scandal to an end.

The farmers, the hauliers and the Scottish MPs who are fighting a ban. You should be hanging your heads in shame.