“Puppy farm” convictions; How the system fails Scotland’s animals

Here we have a prime example of how Scotland’s justice system fails animals completely.

Puppy farm pair caused scores of animals to suffer

One of the characters convicted, Frank James, was convicted of cruelty in 2014.

He was banned from keeping more than two dogs at a time (note, not banned from keeping animals outright) but just ignored this.

The system’s piecemeal and broken. Not only are those responsible for causing suffering overwhelmingly avoiding custodial sentences, they’re just ignoring bans handed down because they know, really, nothing is likely to happen if they do.

Things need to change. That’s why Scotland for Animals is campaigning for a total overhaul of the law when it comes to the rights and safety of animals in our country.

One change we want to see is a comprehensive and effectively monitored animal abusers register.

If this and other instruments were in place, maybe these animals wouldn’t have went through what they did.

We await the sentencing with interest.


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