UK death toll, June 2019

87 million, 161 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

216 thousand+ cattle
1 million, 18 thousand+ sheep
827 thousand+ pigs
85 million, 100 thousand+ “poultry” birds

Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


Protest brings racing ban a step closer

Thursday’s protest at parliament was a great display of international solidarity against exploitation and cruelty.

Well done to Say No To Greyhound Racing In Scotland for taking the fight right to the politicians who are allowing it.



Article 13 and animals

Sadly, we’re noticing another surge in misinformation regarding EU legislation and animal sentience.

As we’ve previously pointed out Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty does indeed recognise that animals are sentient beings and states that “full regard” be paid to their welfare.

What politicians and organisations aren’t telling people is there’s a caveat contained in the same Article which effectively gives licence to states to completely disregard this sentience if they so wish.

You can go into any factory farm, research establishment or bullring across the EU and see how much use Article 13 is.

See Scotland for Animals statement from 2017 HERE



2018; Over half a million procedures on animals

Scotland for Animals has obtained separate statistics for scientific procedures carried out on live animals in Scotland in 2018.

The total number recorded; 506, 901.

This is 14.4% of the UK total. Taking population into account, Scottish establishments are again responsible for a disproportionately large number of procedures.

Species involved include;




















Scotland for Animals Spokesman John Patrick;

“Again we see Scotland massively involved in experimentation, and the creation of genetically altered animals for so-called research.

Data shows that the “success rate” for practical results deriving from this is lamentable. Any other method with such dismal efficacy would have been abandoned long ago.

We want to see real, scientifically driven research, and for government to actively and openly support this.

Scotland could be, and we believe one day will be, a world leader in proper innovation without the use of animals.

We call on the Scottish Government to request immediate devolution of powers in this area, and to implement current powers to divert funds to research using non-animal models.

If it is really about saving lives this is the only way forward.”