We need real change, not empty words

This case is just one example of many of why, when it comes to animals, the law is not fit for the job.

This guy had already been convicted for starving a dog to death. He got a £200 fine.

With new animal law in pipeline we’ve seen pictures of MSPs with sad faces, waving their fists and promising that a new dawn is coming that will cast abusers into a pit.

Their big idea? Raise the maximum penalty from one year to five.

One of the many issues with this is the current one year max is almost never handed down. Neither will the five year one.

In fact, those convicted of cruelty in Scotland almost never to go to jail at all.

By failing to take real action our politicians, of all parties, are displaying their lack of moral mettle. Their trying to kid everybody on that they’re actually doing something when they aren’t, that’s an indication of what they really think of us all human and non-human.

We can’t mess about here. Radical action needs to be taken, and now.

If those in parliament don’t have the decency or bottle to step up, then get them out.

Please contact your MSPs and ask them to support Scotland for Animals’ plan for change. Will only take a few minutes.

1) Go to https://www.writetothem.com/

2) Enter your postcode

3) Choose MSPs

4) Enter message asking them to support;

*All animals, including invertebrates, to be protected by law

*A maximum life sentence/ unlimited fine for animal cruelty

*The creation of a dedicated Police Scotland unit to investigate animal cruelty and enforce legislation

*The creation of a register for those convicted of cruelty

*Statutory requirement for a multi-agency approach for reporting, investigation and intervention.

*Scrapping of all time bars on prosecution

5) Send

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