Statement on Scottish Animal Welfare Commission

The twelve members who will make up the new Animal Welfare Commission have been announced.

Scotland for Animals Spokesman John Patrick;

“While we are concerned by some of the appointments, and lack of transparency surrounding selection processes, we look forward to hearing the Commission’s ideas on what is required to fix Scotland’s inadequate and ineffective welfare legislation”.

“Problems are systemic from enforcement through to sentencing. We hope that the Commission will acknowledge this, and accept that animals need radical change rather than token measures”.



Scotland for Animals stand for a fundamental overhaul of Scotland’s animal welfare legislation, and the recognition of the rights of non-human animals.

A bill to amend existing law is currently being considered. SfA is calling for the following initial improvements to be included;

*All animals, including invertebrates, to be protected by law

*A maximum life sentence/ unlimited fine for animal cruelty

*The creation of a dedicated Police Scotland unit to investigate animal cruelty and enforce legislation

*The creation of a register for those convicted of cruelty

*Statutory requirement for a multi-agency approach for reporting, investigation and intervention.

*Scrapping of all time bars on prosecution



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