Live exports cheerleader tipped for Board of Trade

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott looks likely to be appointed head of UK Govt. Board of Trade.

When Abbott was in office, he visited Indonesia in person to issue a grovelling apology for the previous administration suspending cattle exports after footage emerged of brutal cruelty to animals shipped to the country.

Instead of being horrified by the suffering, Abbott announced that he was horrified by action taken to end it.

“you shouldn’t do something with enormous ramifications for the cattle industry and enormous ramifications for our relationship with Indonesia in panic at a television program,”

“I support the live export trade – I always have and I always will.”

“If a particular market wants live animals, why shouldn’t we supply it?”

You can see some of the footage here;

We’re pushing government to bring forward legislation to ban the UK trade. Abbott’s appointment is another indication of this and other administrations’ lack of principle, and it’s intention to stand full square behind the ones profiting from misery.

We need all of you to stand with us.


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