England and Wales move to end live exports

The UK Government has launched a consultation on it’s plans to end live exports for fattening or slaughter. See consultation and info here, please complete and share.

There are also proposals to improve welfare during internal transport.

Legislation will introduce a ban on the export of live animals (for fattening or slaughter) where the transport begins in England or Wales, or travels through these countries.

Scotland for Animals have long been concerned that if any ban is not introduced under the category of export of goods, i.e. applicable UK wide, the Scottish Government which supports the continuation of live exports may take advantage of the situation and keep the trade going.

Under the current UK/ EU treaty goods are able to still move uninterrupted through Northern Ireland and into the European Union. Knowing the current administration’s deference to the meat and dairy industry we don’t believe for a minute that they wouldn’t seize this opportunity for a Scottish live exports trade.

We’ll be watching this closely, and will take necessary measures if it the Scottish Government doesn’t do the right thing.

Regardless, today’s announcement is a huge achievement, and is down to the hard graft and dedication of people like Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate, Kent Animal Defenders, and you.

Never, never give up.





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