Live exports; Scottish Government leave door open

The Scottish Government has launched it’s own consultation covering transport and export of animals. See details here.

They’ve chosen not to follow England and Wales in backing a ban on live exports.

The Scottish Government has instead proposed that Scotland retain the option to continue the trade via licensing from the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency.

In the past few months alone we’ve seen the Scottish Government and MSPs turn their backs on a chance to fix our broken animal welfare legislation, and create an “Animal Welfare Commission” stuffed with commissioners connected to hunting & shooting, racing and zoos.

This position on live exports further dispels any illusion that the current administration, or indeed any party present at Holyrood, has any interest in protecting animals properly.

It’s uncomfortable for many, but special criticism must go to the welfare organisations who always appear on cue to congratulate Ministers and MSPs when they introduce empty gesture measures and legislation.

Scotland’s politicians have made our country a safe space for animal abusers, and these groups and individuals are enabling them.

We need to stand up and and speak up for those who can’t defend themselves from the power of the killing industry and their friends in authority. You don’t join them in self- promoting photo shoots, and cheap publicity stunts, peddling a falsehood that they’re “getting tough” on cruelty.

Moving into 2021, every decent person must accept that our present representatives will only ever let animals down. They’ve rigged the game.

Join us, and together we’ll take the fight to them.





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