This can’t go on

Pictures reporting to show the condition of young bulls aboard one of the livestock ships docked off Spain last month.


This is an industry which appears to be willing to visit any depth of depravity for money, and an industry which far too many of our politicians are willing to support for society to be healthy.


Ask your candidates in the coming Scottish elections whether they back this trade. Just a yes or no answer, no flannel about how “welfare is of the highest priority…….”.




If they think this industry is acceptable, they shouldn’t be anywhere near levers of power. They should be in a prison cell.


This situation, and all the other misery and pain and fear we put animals through just because we can, has got to come to an end.


If we don’t pull those responsible from their chairs and hold them to account, we’ll never be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes.

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