It’s time to open up the meat industry

Don’t leave animals vulnerable in farming units

Let’s introduce CCTV throughout the whole animal exploitation industry


Yet another investigation has exposed horror within a UK farming unit

Animals left lying with their intestines hanging out, workers beating crippled animals, animals too sick to move lying dying as they’re gnawed at by others mentally broken with stress.

With mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses due to come into force in Scotland next month, we believe it’s high time this was extended to all areas where animals are present within the meat, dairy and egg industry.

Those making money from breeding and killing animals are handled by politicians like a special case when it comes to scrutiny. The trade is happy enough to take millions in public subsidies, but think implementing proper accountability is interfering in their business.

Now, lawmakers need to stand up to them and end the secrecy. Wherever animals are vulnerable, the blinds need to be pulled up for everyone to see.

Please write to Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands Mairi Gougeon at and ask the Scottish Government to take action now:

Feel free to build your message around text below.


Dear Ms Gougeon,

I am sure that you will be aware of recent examples of undercover investigations of brutality and cruelty within animal farming units.

One of the worst of these involved pigs contained at a unit owned by a Quality Meat Scotland board member and senior National Farmers Union official.

Experts stated that the condition of these animals was among the worst they had seen.

The rate at which these investigations are encountering criminality, the severity of breaches and the apparent impunity with which management and staff are breaking the law indicates a huge issue connected to meat production and related areas.

I am asking for your assurance that you will now bring forward legislation extending mandatory CCTV monitoring to include all premises and areas where animals are present throughout the meat, dairy and egg industry.

It is important that any footage must also be subject to independent scrutiny.





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