Betrayal; The fallout

In the aftermath of the scrapping of the Kept Animals Bill, the government appears to be furiously engaging in damage limitation.

Reasons cited for it’s withdrawal range from a lack of parliamentary time, to the Labour Party looking to add an amendment banning drag hunting, the government terrified of this creating an opportunity for some Conservative MPs to resurrect calls for a repeal of the hunting ban, and the public outrage it would rightfully provoke.

From what we can see there appears to be a substantial amount of disquiet within Tory ranks themselves about the abandoning of the Bill.

Minister of State for Food, Farming and Fisheries Mark Spencer has claimed the government is still committed to measures contained such as a live exports ban, and that this will be brought about via separate legislation.

On hearing this statement, a collective eyebrow went up.

Last year, after rumours began to circulate that the Animals Abroad Bill was to be dropped, the minister was asked in parliament to confirm whether a ban on the import of foie gras and fur (provision for which was in it) would be introduced. He said “I see no reason why that legislation won’t be forthcoming.”

The Bill was thrown in the bin shortly after. It was reported that Spencer himself was instrumental in blocking it.

Scotland for Animals has no confidence in this man’s word, or that of the government in which he holds office.

It’s vital we stand united in taking these grifters on. Keep fighting.

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