Kept Animals Bill scrapped

The Kept Animals Bill, legislation which included a ban on live exports for further fattening and slaughter, has been scrapped.The Bill as it stood was flawed. In relation to live exports the proposed ban excluded poultry, animals used for breeding, and in our opinion left a gaping loophole for potential exports via NI. It was though a major step forward, and would have prevented a massive amount of suffering.

After several delays suspicions started to grow. In the Tory leadership contest Rishi Sunak’s team assured everyone that he “looks forward to championing this Bill as it continues to progress through Parliament,” and that he was “committed to banning the import of hunting trophies from thousands of species”.In the short time since his taking office, he has reneged on his promises regarding both.

This situation involves two recurring issues. Amoral, duplicitous politicians lying through their teeth for personal advancement, and amoral, duplicitous politicians having the power to end atrocious acts, but holding such disregard for the victims of these they refuse to exercise it.

They work for us. They must be held accountable.

Please take a few minutes to contact Sunak and let him know that we’re all watching, and his actions (or lack of) will be answerable.

Please also contact your MP and ask what action they will be taking to ensure that the government reverses it’s decision to drop the Bill

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