Live exports; Back Zac’s amendment

At yesterday’s live exports demo Kay Hamilton, Dowager Duchess of Hamilton and SfA Spokesman John Patrick, approached MSPs to ask that they call for support for Zac Goldsmith’s amendment to the Agriculture Bill at Westminster.

Although we recognise that these are two distinct legislatures, we believe that if they truly care about a ban they would encourage constituents to approach their MPs to ensure the amendment’s success.

It was noted with concern that none of them (bar, to his credit, Colin Smyth) were even aware that the amendment was being proposed. Of even further concern was that on discovering this there appeared very little interest in it’s content.

Questions were then asked for clarification as to how MSPs intended to end live exports when it was a reserved matter.

On speaking to a member of parliamentary staff for the Scottish Greens we received what was felt to be a nebulous and unconvincing response.

Mid-conversation the member of staff excused themselves assuring that they would return. They didn’t.

The Director of Political Strategy for the Scottish Greens later approached us and was asked for answers. On our request for details, and after delivering an incoherent, evasive reply, the guy accused John of being aggressive and darted away.

This left us surprised to say the least.

On live exports, there are some politicians who are looking more and more like ghouls who won’t let suffering go to waste when there’s a chance of a good photo op.

Until these individuals can lay out a detailed and rational explanation on how they’re going to end live exports via the devolved framework, Scotland for Animals advise supporters not to waste their time with them.

Instead, please concentrate on pressing MPs at Westminster to back Zac’s amendment.

We would however encourage support for Colin Smyth MSP in his work to keep the subject in the public eye. The Scottish Government and it’s fellow travellers must be exposed and held accountable for support for the trade.

Contact your MP by following the quick steps here;



I am contacting you regarding the live export of animals.

Could you please let me know;

Do you support a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter or fattening?

And If you do,

What action you will be taking to ensure the inclusion of provision for a ban in the Agriculture Bill?

Live exports; Please take action

Despite the shameful position of the Scottish Government, SNP Westminster Group and Scottish Conservatives, efforts are being made to bring about a ban on live exports.

Zac Goldsmith MP is moving an amendment to the Agriculture Bill to effectively end the trade. We need everybody to contact their MP and request that they support this.


I am contacting you regarding the live export of animals.

Could you please let me know;

Do you support a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter or fattening?

And If you do,

What action you will be taking to ensure the inclusion of provision for a ban in the Agriculture Bill?

Go to put in your postcode, and select to send to your MP.

Above is a photograph of a Scottish calf born on christmas day.

He was just over two weeks old when he was taken from his mother and transported to Ramsgate to be loaded onto the ship.

This can’t go on. Politicians need to stand up now or be held accountable.

For this wee one, and all the others, please take a few minutes to send your message.

Fireworks consultation; Speak up for animals

The Scottish Government is consulting on the control of fireworks.

We would urge you to respond with your views.

Fireworks can cause severe suffering to animals, and people impacted by trauma.

This isn’t about ruining anybody’s enjoyment. When the negatives are taken into account the free availability of devices is unacceptable.

Scotland for Animals supports;

* A ban on the public sale of fireworks.

* A ban on the discharging of fireworks without a licence.

* Any devices discharged should be of reduced noise type.

* Criteria for any licence should recognise potential impact on animal welfare.

A request should be made for any necessary legislation outwith current powers to be devolved.

Information on the consultation can be found here

You can also submit your views directly to

State that your submission is in relation to “A consultation on fireworks in Scotland: Your experiences, your ideas, your views”.

Please ensure that you complete the respondent information questionnaire. Go here and click on “Supporting files” on left hand side of page.

If you have examples of incidents where fireworks have caused pain or distress include details of these in your submission.

Get in touch with us if you want advice or support with making your views known.

Live exports misery continues

Regarding the Scottish Government’s announcement on CCTV, we want to add some perspective.

Although the administration’s climbdown is a huge step forward, Ministers’ claims that this is down to a genuine concern for animals is nonsense.

If this was the case they wouldn’t have employed every dirty trick in the book to block abattoir CCTV for years.

The same government who allegedly believe in the “highest standards of animal welfare” are right now doing everything they can to keep this going

As we said on Wednesday, please do not take your foot off the pedal.

These politicians are no friends to animals.

Scottish Government announces legislation for mandatory abattoir CCTV


Scotland for Animals welcomes the Scottish Government announcement that it will legislate for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses.

Ministers have stated that a law will be brought forward later this year.

Scotland for Animals’ Spokesman John Patrick;

“This announcement is good news. To have come this far would not have been possible without the people who have supported our campaign.”

“They have forced the Scottish Government to abandon it’s long and active opposition to mandatory abattoir CCTV.

“It was said that this would never happen. Together, we have shown what grassroots action can achieve.”

“As positive as this news is we call on everybody not to take their foot off the pedal. It is vital to continue applying pressure on politicians from now until legislation is enacted.”

“We must ensure that any law is workable and includes provision for independent monitoring.”

Scotland for Animals has led the campaign for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in Scottish slaughterhouses.

SfA works towards a society where animals are free from all exploitation. Until this comes we will continue to fight for welfare improvements to reduce suffering where possible.

slàinte mhath

To everybody who takes a stand against the tyranny animals suffer every day.

Whether it’s direct action, changing what you buy or sharing a post.

Everything you do is a wee victory.

Scotland for Animals’ next volunteer meeting is last week in January. Let’s come together for a better country.

Have a good time tonight, and all the best for 2019.

UK death toll; October 2018

118 million, 776 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

267 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 422 thousand+ sheep

987 thousand+ pigs

116 million, 100 thousand+ poultry

Does not include animals exported for killing.

UK death toll; September 2018

93 million, 339 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

230 thousand+ cattle.

1 million, 239 thousand+ sheep.

870, 000+ pigs.

91 million+ poultry.

Does not include animals exported for killing.

CCTV in slaughterhouses; Industry sticking two fingers up to FSA

Despite CCTV being mandatory in English slaughterhouses, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed that seven per cent of abattoirs still have “no CCTV system in place”.

It also added that an unconfirmed number “were in the process of complying”.

The deadline for operators to have systems up and running was November 5th.

The Food Standards Agency has stated in response;

“Perhaps they’re not fully compliant at this very minute, but [if] they’re showing a plan to install CCTV and become compliant in the future, therefore, there would be no enforcement action needed to be taken right now”.

Scotland for Animals is concerned, but not surprised, by this development.

It is further indication of a situation that we have been drawing attention to for a long time, that when it comes to enforcement the meat industry is calling the shots.

If you’re in England contact your MP and ask them to ensure that the Food Standards Agency demands immediate compliance with the law.

To support mandatory, independently monitored abattoir CCTV in Scotland visit our campaign page.

Aberdeenshire Council planning to gas rabbits


Regarding below Council has postponed killing.

They’ve stated that “this work will still have to take place, so this is a postponement to examine any realistic alternatives.”

We welcome any breathing space for the animals. This is, however, a carefully worded statement that still causes us concern.

They also go on to add that the issue “has to be addressed quickly” which means things need to be watched closely.

Should management be necessary we hope that the authority will allow consultants with experience in non-lethal solutions to construct and implement any plan of action.




Please contact Aberdeenshire Council and ask them to cancel their plans to slaughter rabbits next Tuesday.

The authority claims that the animals are damaging gravestones at a cemetery in Inverurie so must be exterminated.

The plan is to fill tunnels with poison gas and seal entrances/ exits leaving them trapped to die.

The substance to be used, aluminium phosphide, has been shown to cause severe pain and discomfort.

Aberdeenshire Council appear to be favouring the cheap and nasty option.

While we have every sympathy with relatives visiting the graves of loved ones we believe that non-lethal methods should be employed, if indeed removal is necessary at all.

Perhaps proper investment in maintenance at the site would be more effective.

You can make your views known by contacting the Council HERE

We know you will but please keep all contact polite and informative.

Scotland for Animals will be happy to advise the Council regarding options.