Fox hunting consultation on cards

Umpteen empty promises later a public consultation on the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act is apparently pending.

This is the law that ‘banned’ fox hunting. If you want an example of grandstanding, but effectively unworkable legislation you need look no further.

Some of the MSPs who let this shambles slip through are still in the chamber. Please get it right this time.


Good to see some other Scottish animal organisations catching up with SfA and finally bringing themselves to support legislation for mandatory abattoir CCTV.

It only took you how many years? Amazing how quickly some jump the wall when they see the wind changing direction.

Don’t worry, we and the rest of the public have already handled all the hard graft. Better late than never though.

Action is needed on unstunned slaughter. Now.

The number of animals slaughtered without stunning has seen a massive rise.

Scotland for Animals continues to lead the campaign to expose and end this scandal. We warned many years ago that unstunned slaughter was becoming one of the biggest welfare issues of our time but other organisations seem reluctant, to say the least, to tackle the issue.

Welfare groups need to act, authorities need to act and politicians need to act.

Now, before it’s too late.

Antibiotic use in meat industry on rise

New report compiled by researchers from ETH Zürich, Princeton and the University of Cambridge expects use of antibiotics in animal farming to rise by another 52% by 2030.

“Globally, animals receive almost three times as many antibiotics than people, although much of this use is not medically necessary, and many new strains of antibiotic-resistant infections are now common in people after originating in our livestock”

“As global demand for meat grows and agriculture continues to transition from extensive farming and smallholdings to more intensive practices, the use of antimicrobials in food production will increasingly threaten the efficacy of these life-saving drugs.”

Hypocrisy at Holyrood

An almost unbelievable display of hypocrisy through week as Richard Lochhead MSP was spotted outside Holyrood joining campaigners calling for tougher sentencing for animal cruelty.

Throughout his many years as Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Lochhead consistently blocked attempts to improve welfare in the meat industry from abattoir CCTV to a ban on unstunned slaughter. We shudder to think the suffering this character and his cohorts have enabled as a result.

This is either a crisis of conscience or rank opportunism. Knowing Lochhead’s record we would suggest it’s the latter.

Please don’t be sucked in by these con-artists.

If you hate fur, hate leather

Disgusted by fur, but still buy leather? It’s just as cruel. Over a billion animals are killed by the leather industry every year, including dogs and cats – there’s no way to know what animal you are wearing, not that it should matter! The poor cows are forced to march for days to their death, and have chilli’s rubbed into their eyes to keep them moving when they collapse, or their tails snapped…

It’s also disastrous for the environment, with leather tanneries releasing toxic chemicals into our atmosphere and causing life threatening illnesses to the poor worker who must earn a living there.

No one should be impressed by ‘real leather’ labels.

Please ditch leather, there are so many wonderful alternatives available, made from eco friendly and durable materials.

England: CCTV in abattoirs

England: CCTV in abattoirs



The UK Government yesterday announced plans to implement mandatory CCTV in England’s abattoirs.
We commend our friends in the South who’s hard work and personal risk has led to this being placed on the table.


While we welcome the move we’re concerned by proposals that any footage may not be independently monitored but, instead, accessed only by slaughterhouse vets and Food Standards Agency inspectors.
This falls short of our position of support for independent scrutiny to ensure proper safeguards.
Indications are that these authorities are often unable to properly enforce welfare legislation in abattoirs effectively. If legislation is enacted any monitoring must be multi-layered, slaughter can’t continue to be kept ‘in house’.



While wheels are turning in England the Scottish Government and Civil Service has opposed, and continues to oppose, calls from Scotland for Animals and the Scottish public to bring about the implementation of mandatory, independently monitored CCTV.


We hope that Scotland’s politicians will now somehow find the bottle to act.



Visit our webpage to support SfA’s campaign.

Exposed: Demand that the Scottish Government moves urgently on abattoir CCTV

Exposed: Demand that the Scottish Government moves urgently on abattoir CCTV

From May 2015 to January 2017 the body responsible for monitoring welfare in Scottish slaughterhouses recorded 181 breaches.

These were only the breaches that were actually picked up.

It has become so bad the authorities have set up what is effectively a crisis committee to attempt to manage the situation.

Last year Scotland for Animals exposed the nature of offences including ineffective stunning, injured animals being left to suffer and animals waiting to die in overcrowded pens.

SfA can also now reveal that we have discovered that out of the 181 recorded, 143 of these crimes were committed in slaughterhouses where there was already self-regulated CCTV in operation.

Scotland for Animals has consistently argued that the position of government, and perhaps more shamefully some alleged animal welfare groups, of supporting voluntary CCTV uptake managed by the abattoir operators themselves, is useless.

This reluctance to take on a very powerful industry is causing suffering on an unimaginable scale.

The governing party in Scotland, the SNP, has had support for mandatory CCTV agreed at it’s annual conferences. There has been no action to implement this to date.

Please take a few minutes to write to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and demand immediate action.



Sample message:

Re: CCTV in slaughterhouses.

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

I am appalled to learn that the situation in Scottish slaughterhouses has become of such concern that a crisis committee is being convened by Food Standards Scotland to investigate the issue.

I am further aware that your administration has repeatedly rejected calls for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV at slaughter establishments and has instead chosen to support self-regulation.

As the charity Scotland for Animals has now revealed that the vast majority of breaches recorded in the past two years were in establishments where your favoured system was present I would ask that you now take urgent action to have mandatory and independent monitoring put in place.

I note that at your party conference last year delegates voted to support this policy but your government has done nothing to carry this through.

Please be reminded that as there is an election next month, and that there is great public support for legislative change, then failure to act will reflect badly on your party and candidates.

I await your reply.

Thank you in advance.

Contact here:

As the the Scottish Government has been increasingly relying on the votes of Green MSPs to get legislation through please also contact Co-Convenor Patrick Harvie:


You can ask him why, as the Greens also have a commitment to mandatory CCTV, he and his party have done nothing make this a condition when providing support at Holyrood.