UK death toll, February 2021

92 million, 300 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


217 thousand+ cattle (inc. 4000+ calves)

854 thousand+ sheep

929 thousand+ pigs

90 million, 300 thousand+ “poultry” birds


One month.


*Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.

*Source; UK Government





This can’t go on

Pictures reporting to show the condition of young bulls aboard one of the livestock ships docked off Spain last month.


This is an industry which appears to be willing to visit any depth of depravity for money, and an industry which far too many of our politicians are willing to support for society to be healthy.


Ask your candidates in the coming Scottish elections whether they back this trade. Just a yes or no answer, no flannel about how “welfare is of the highest priority…….”.




If they think this industry is acceptable, they shouldn’t be anywhere near levers of power. They should be in a prison cell.


This situation, and all the other misery and pain and fear we put animals through just because we can, has got to come to an end.


If we don’t pull those responsible from their chairs and hold them to account, we’ll never be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes.

UK death toll, December 2020

87 million, 615 thousand+ animals slaughtered

225 thousand+ cattle
1 million, 321 thousand+ sheep
969 thousand+ pigs
85 million, 100 thousand+ “poultry” birds
Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.
*Source; UK Government

UK death toll, November 2020


97 million, 850 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


251 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 370 thousand+ sheep

929 thousand+ pigs

95 million, 300 thousand + “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


*Source; UK Government





UK death toll, October 2020


111 million, 808 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


248 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 356 thousand+ sheep

1 million, 4 thousand+ pigs

109 million, 200 thousand + “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


*Source; UK Government




Live exports; Scottish Government leave door open

The Scottish Government has launched it’s own consultation covering transport and export of animals. See details here.

They’ve chosen not to follow England and Wales in backing a ban on live exports.

The Scottish Government has instead proposed that Scotland retain the option to continue the trade via licensing from the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency.

In the past few months alone we’ve seen the Scottish Government and MSPs turn their backs on a chance to fix our broken animal welfare legislation, and create an “Animal Welfare Commission” stuffed with commissioners connected to hunting & shooting, racing and zoos.

This position on live exports further dispels any illusion that the current administration, or indeed any party present at Holyrood, has any interest in protecting animals properly.

It’s uncomfortable for many, but special criticism must go to the welfare organisations who always appear on cue to congratulate Ministers and MSPs when they introduce empty gesture measures and legislation.

Scotland’s politicians have made our country a safe space for animal abusers, and these groups and individuals are enabling them.

We need to stand up and and speak up for those who can’t defend themselves from the power of the killing industry and their friends in authority. You don’t join them in self- promoting photo shoots, and cheap publicity stunts, peddling a falsehood that they’re “getting tough” on cruelty.

Moving into 2021, every decent person must accept that our present representatives will only ever let animals down. They’ve rigged the game.

Join us, and together we’ll take the fight to them.





England and Wales move to end live exports

The UK Government has launched a consultation on it’s plans to end live exports for fattening or slaughter. See consultation and info here, please complete and share.

There are also proposals to improve welfare during internal transport.

Legislation will introduce a ban on the export of live animals (for fattening or slaughter) where the transport begins in England or Wales, or travels through these countries.

Scotland for Animals have long been concerned that if any ban is not introduced under the category of export of goods, i.e. applicable UK wide, the Scottish Government which supports the continuation of live exports may take advantage of the situation and keep the trade going.

Under the current UK/ EU treaty goods are able to still move uninterrupted through Northern Ireland and into the European Union. Knowing the current administration’s deference to the meat and dairy industry we don’t believe for a minute that they wouldn’t seize this opportunity for a Scottish live exports trade.

We’ll be watching this closely, and will take necessary measures if it the Scottish Government doesn’t do the right thing.

Regardless, today’s announcement is a huge achievement, and is down to the hard graft and dedication of people like Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate, Kent Animal Defenders, and you.

Never, never give up.





UK death toll, September 2020


94 million, 510 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


239 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 338 thousand+ sheep

933 thousand+ pigs

92 million + “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


*Source; UK Government







Live exports; Animals still need you

Scotland for Animals Patron Kay Hamilton has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking that he keep his word on live exports.

After the transition period ends at midnight on 31st December, there’s no excuse not to bring this trade in misery to a halt.

You can also contact the Prime Minister here  Let him know that nothing less than a total ban will be acceptable.

No more talk, no more “consultations”. It ends now.

You’re welcome to use the text below to create your message;


Dear Mr Johnson,

You have previously indicated that you and your government will end, on leaving the European Union, the live export of animals from the UK for fattening or slaughter.

I ask that you stand by your word, and bring forward legislation now.


Lorries loaded with animals will be arriving at Ramsgate around 4PM this Friday. Kent Action Against Live Exports and Kent Animal Defenders will be there from 3PM to protest the shipment, and gather evidence of welfare violations.

Please do all you can.


You won, export of calves from Scotland ends

The export of live calves from Scotland has ended

To all our supporters who have worked hard to help achieve this, thank you. Never underestimate the power you have.

Although this ban has been achieved, we must all keep in mind that other animals are still being exported from the UK in miserable conditions, to a brutal death.

We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends at KAALE and others until this trade is finished.

Please see below statement from Kent Action Against Live Exports.

John Patrick


Scotland for Animals


“Following on from yesterday’s announcement by CIWF informing us all that the Scottish government have banned issuing licenses for Live Calf Exports from Scotland KAALE would like to thank the following groups and people who have worked tirelessly on the unweaned calf issue from Scotland over the last three years


1. We would like to thank TAALE for originally corresponding with DERA Ireland and obtaining the information that the original journeys from Scotland via Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and down to Cherbourg in France were very border line/illegal on the timings for calf journey’s.
2. Eyes on Animals and their UK representative who investigated some of these journey’s.
3. BBC Scotland who carried on with the investigation forcing P&O to decide to stop carrying the calves from Cairnryan to Northern Ireland resulting in the calves coming to us at Ramsgate for the Joline in October 2018.
4. All KAALE monitors and supporters who have turned out in all weathers to gather the information required to prove that the calf transporters were breaking the laws relating to calf transportation timings. Without these people non of this would have come to light and we personally are so grateful to these people for their faith in us and what we are doing.
5. Our dear friends in Scotland for Animals who have also worked with us since the end of 2018 being our liaison with the Scottish government. They too have been there every time the animals needed them and have never stopped pressing for this ban.
6. Our representative who travelled to Scotland to meet the Scottish government’s official dealing with calf exports, all arranged by Scotland for animals, at the beginning of this year. From this meeting there have been no calf exports through Ramsgate because the evidence we have produced showed they were breaking the law.
7. The Scottish government for making a stand on this issue and deciding to ban this trade even before a decision by Westminster.
8. CIWF for taking all the evidence forward and pressing for a judicial review which has resulted in this decision.
9. And finally P&O who banned the trade in 1994 and when ever we get evidence of the exporters trying to slip through on their ships immediately act to stop it.
We believe this has been a tremendous joint effort with a victory we all deserve.
Yvonne   KAALE   Kent Action Against Live Exports.