Greyhound piece on The Nine

Organised, systemic, criminal animal abuse.

Police Scotland know.

The local MSP/ Government Minister knows.

The GBGB know.

The MSPs in the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare know.

What’s it going to take for the law to be applied, and these dogs to be protected?

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Live exports demo, Glasgow

Thank you to the people (and dogs) of Glasgow’s Parkhead for their support during our demo at David Linden MP’s surgery yesterday.


Linden’s a big supporter of live exports and has spoken on behalf of the SNP against any ban.


Scotland for Animals’ Spokesman John Patrick discussed the issue with him outside. After detailing the flaws and errors in the MPs position and statements, and linden apparently accepting these, John asked him directly if he would now drop his opposition to a ban on live exports.


He refused.



This goes to the heart of everything that’s wrong with the political class and those who are supposed to represent us. It seems principle and moral mettle is readily heaved out the window in favour of career and party.


Regardless of party affiliation or none, every one of them need to be exposed and held accountable.


It can’t go on.


Keep your MPs replies coming, and let us know if you want to plan a demo in your area.


More weans sent to their deaths

Last night, another lorry full of Scottish calves sailed from Ramsgate and into the misery of the veal system.

Babies stolen from their mammies. All for a few quid.

Get in touch with us if you want to help bring this scandal to an end.

The farmers, the hauliers and the Scottish MPs who are fighting a ban. You should be hanging your heads in shame.


UK death toll. March 2019


90 million, 742 thousand+ animals slaughtered


237 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 129 thousand+ sheep

876 thousand+ pigs

88 million, 500 thousand+ “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


Calf shipment, 17/5

Tomorrow, 6pm, another shipment of calves from Scotland will be leaving Ramsgate, and on into the veal system.

Contact Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate if you can attend demo’s at the port.

If you want to take on the politicians and vested interests keeping the Scottish end of this loathsome trade going, let us know.

These weans can’t fight back, but we can.



Animal protection in Scotland needs completely overhauled.

Supporters have been contacting us about the current consultation on amending the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.


To put it plainly, the scope of this exercise is a slap in the face to us all. Human and non-human.

Rather than the desperately needed improvements that could have been introduced, we have suggestions such as fixed-penalties for “less serious” offences.

Justification for this idea includes sparing offenders the ordeal of a court appearance and a criminal record, and reducing the workload of the so-called justice system.

That’s how much our politicians really care.

The severity of cruelty that presently goes unpunished, or often uninvestigated, is staggering.

Despite government clarification in the document, we fear that “less serious” will end up including severe breaches. We believe that this tool will be misused by authorities looking to enforce legislation on the cheap.

Even the paltry increase in maximum sentencing’s a con act. We feel from experience that this is only being put forward as the Scottish Government is planning to scrap sentences under a year.

If the current maximum stayed in place this would effectively mean almost nobody would ever go to jail for harming an animal in Scotland.

Cruelty, neglect and downright sadism is going unchecked. No matter what you’re told by those in power and their pals, that’s the reality on the ground.

We would recommend contacting First Minister Nicola Sturgeon directly with views on how to strengthen the law;

Scotland for Animals want to see;


All animals, including invertebrates, protected by law

A Maximum life sentence/ unlimited fine for animal cruelty

The creation of a dedicated Police Scotland unit to investigate animal cruelty and enforce legislation

The creation of a register for those convicted of cruelty

Statutory requirement for a multi-agency approach for reporting/ investigation

Scrapping of all time bars on prosecution


This is going to take more than patter and gestures from Holyrood. The whole system needs overhauled top to bottom.

Proper scope, proper prevention, proper enforcement, proper sentencing.

We’ll be at Lush, Buchanan St., Glasgow this Saturday (13th) to launch our campaign for real change.

Come in and find out how you can play your part in winning Scotland’s animals the protection they deserve.