Tell the Scottish Government only a ban on greyhound racing will work

The Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee is asking for your views on greyhound racing.

After the so-called Scottish Animal Welfare Commission’s betrayal these dogs need you to be their voice.

Please Go here to tell the Committee only a ban will be acceptable, and get behind Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation in their campaign to end this brutal industry.

UK death toll, June 2021

95 million, 786 thousand+ animals slaughtered.

214 thousand+ cattle (5000+ calves)

962 thousand+ sheep

1 million, 10 thousand+ pigs

93 million, 600 thousand+ “poultry” birds

*Does not include other species of “livestock” slaughtered for consumption, aquatic animals, animals exported for killing, deaths on farm, deaths pre-slaughter, etc.

*Source; UK Government

Fireworks consultation open until 15/8

The Scottish Government is consulting on possible further regulation with regard to fireworks.

These things are a menace and a killer.

As an animal rights charity, we have a particular interest in their well documented damaging effects on animals.

As whatever and whoever causes suffering to non-humans usually causes suffering in the wider community, we also acknowledge the damaging impact on those with dementia, war veterans, those who have experienced trauma, and others.

Taking the big picture into account, free availability of devices, and the current circumstances in which they can be discharged, is unjustifiable.

Scotland for Animals supports the introduction of the following measures;

  • Enforcement of existing legislation limiting the discharging of fireworks, e.g. under the Explosives Act.
  • A ban on the general sale of fireworks. I.e. a ban on the purchase, possession or discharging of fireworks without a licence.
  • Any devices provided, sold or discharged should be of reduced noise type.
  • Criteria for any licence to discharge should take into account any potential impacts on animal welfare, and any conviction for crimes against animals should be material in consideration of a licence to possess.
  • Further restriction on permitted times when fireworks can be discharged.
  • Stronger penalties for breaches.

We recognise that some powers relating to fireworks are reserved. We would welcome more work to devolve these with an assurance that they will be used to end the bangs, or commitment to apply pressure upon the UK government to make these changes.

We must point out however that a well worn issue is again rearing it’s head: Headline grabbing promises of action, when powers already available which could provide much remedial action are not being utilised.

We feel a commitment to enforcement of current legislation, such as the banning of discharge of fireworks in a public place, is every bit as important as any new rules.

You can see the consultation documents here. You don’t need to complete all questions, you can also email your proposals and suggestions to Include your full name and address and whether you give permission for your response to be public and for you to be contacted in future.


Protest at Edinburgh zoo.

We would like to thank everybody for their toots of support, and the people who vowed never again to visit this or any other zoo after seeing the plight of animals inside.

Bill to end live exports now on it’s way


The Bill which will, if passed, ban live exports is now making it’s way through parliament.


Part 3, 42 of Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill will prohibit the export of live animals for fattening or slaughter from Britain.


It’s concerning to note however that the door for exports from Northern Ireland appears to still be open, as is that for animals exported for breeding.


While we believe these issues must be addressed, this Bill is a huge leap forward, and the result of one of the biggest battles in the history of the UK animal rights movement. A battle which cost activist Jill Phipps her life.


Legislation will cover Scotland, which removes the ability of the Scottish Government to resume live exports by choosing not to follow other UK nations in implementing a ban. This will close a loophole which has caused us great concern for some time.


We must keep in mind that there are a significant number of SNP and Conservative MPs (including leader Douglas Ross) representing Scottish constituencies who do not support a ban, and have the ability to disrupt attempts to bring an end to the trade should they have the inclination.


If your MP opposes a ban, please let them know that if they attempt to obstruct this initiative it won’t be forgotten.




Plans for Wallyford stadium officially binned

Plans for the new greyhound racing stadium at Wallyford near Edinburgh have now been officially scrapped.
In a sad twist however, it’s been reported that the site may be taken over by a butcher firm for meat processing.
Scotland for Animals would like to thank you, our supporters, for answering calls to action over the past 5 years, attending demo’s and for getting behind the greyhound groups united to stop “businessman” Howard Wallace in his tracks.
And they did. Literally.
We also believe special mention must go to Amanda, Davie and the activists from Greyhound Action Scotland who started the fightback against Wallace’s plans in 2001. We remember the great personal risk at which they put themselves to defend dogs.
Always keep in mind the difference you can make. Never give up.

It’s time to open up the meat industry

Don’t leave animals vulnerable in farming units

Let’s introduce CCTV throughout the whole animal exploitation industry


Yet another investigation has exposed horror within a UK farming unit

Animals left lying with their intestines hanging out, workers beating crippled animals, animals too sick to move lying dying as they’re gnawed at by others mentally broken with stress.

With mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses due to come into force in Scotland next month, we believe it’s high time this was extended to all areas where animals are present within the meat, dairy and egg industry.

Those making money from breeding and killing animals are handled by politicians like a special case when it comes to scrutiny. The trade is happy enough to take millions in public subsidies, but think implementing proper accountability is interfering in their business.

Now, lawmakers need to stand up to them and end the secrecy. Wherever animals are vulnerable, the blinds need to be pulled up for everyone to see.

Please write to Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands Mairi Gougeon at and ask the Scottish Government to take action now:

Feel free to build your message around text below.


Dear Ms Gougeon,

I am sure that you will be aware of recent examples of undercover investigations of brutality and cruelty within animal farming units.

One of the worst of these involved pigs contained at a unit owned by a Quality Meat Scotland board member and senior National Farmers Union official.

Experts stated that the condition of these animals was among the worst they had seen.

The rate at which these investigations are encountering criminality, the severity of breaches and the apparent impunity with which management and staff are breaking the law indicates a huge issue connected to meat production and related areas.

I am asking for your assurance that you will now bring forward legislation extending mandatory CCTV monitoring to include all premises and areas where animals are present throughout the meat, dairy and egg industry.

It is important that any footage must also be subject to independent scrutiny.





UK death toll. March 2018.

UK death toll

March 2018

89 million, 53 thousand animals+ slaughtered

232 thousand cattle+

1 million, 149 thousand sheep+

872 thousand pigs+

86 million, 800 thousand poultry+

SNP membership back live exports ban

Scotland for Animals would like to commend SNP members for passing a motion supporting a ban on live exports at it’s National Council.

We also applaud SNP MP Tommy Sheppard for giving the motion his backing.

The SNP Scottish Government and it’s Westminster group is still supporting this loathsome trade. If you’re a constituent of Mr Sheppard please contact and thank him for standing up for animals.

Supporters have been contacting us with responses from their MPs and MSPs regarding the issue.

Some of the replies not only insult their constituents’ intelligence but lay bare these politicians’ basic lack of moral integrity.

Remember each and every name when they ask for your vote.

CCTV campaign: Get ready

After intense campaigning by Scotland for Animals, the Scottish Government is finally to consult the public on legislative proposals covering abattoir CCTV.

We expect the consultation to be live very soon.

This has taken years of hard work which would not have been possible without you.

At the start of our campaign government claimed that the introduction of mandatory CCTV was not legally possible. Together, we have pushed forward to a position where we may now see it implemented.

Scotland for Animals has met with huge resistance from both politicians and industry regarding the issue. We expect this to continue, but with you by our side we will fight to ensure that the voices of animals are heard over those of self-interest.

We will soon be providing more information on how you can exercise your right to take part in this important event.

It’s vital that you take action with us when the time comes. Below is an example, sourced via Freedom Of Information requests by Scotland for Animals, of just one of many ‘incidents’ which occurred in Scottish abattoirs last year.

“[ID Number] on 17/10/17 at approximately 07:05 AM when I was checking the stunning of bovine animals. The kill number [ID Number] was placed in the stunning box by [Name] who holds a full certificate of competence and is the animal welfare officer.

Once the animal was in the stunning box and while [Name] was closing the gate, [Name] (General Manager), who is suspended from his Coc, operated the head restraint. At that moment the slaughterman was not ready to stun the animal due to he was closing the gate.

After the first shot, the animal showed clear signs of consciousness (rhythmical breading, corneal reflects, eye movements and muscle tone) so [Name] tried to apply a second shot but the animal was lying down in the stunning box and he could not reach it so he proceeded to open the stunning box to access the animal through the dry landing area and apply the second shot.

After this, the animal did not show any signs of recovery so he proceeded to hoist it. Once it was at the bleeding point, the animal started to show muscle tone so [Name] called [Name] who applied the third shot”

This is reality for animals.

For every one of them suffering in every slaughterhouse in Scotland, let’s ensure that their time has come.