UK animal experiment data for 2020 released

The greatest scientific fraud in history.

2 million 813 thousand 887 animals used.

2 million 883 thousand 310 procedures.

• 2 million 65 thousand 562 mice

• 207 thousand 997 rats

• 6 thousand and 57 guinea pigs

• 1 thousand 281 hamsters

• 194 gerbils

• 11 thousand 332 rabbits

• 105 cats

• 2 thousand 754 dogs

• 512 ferrets

• 73 Horses/ equid

• 3 thousand 207 pigs

• 40 goats

• 3 thousand 700 sheep

• 6 thousand 640 cattle

• 88 Marmosets and tamarins

• 1 thousand 463 Cynomolgus monkeys

• 167 rhesus monkeys

• 118 thousand 534 fowl

• 227 quail

• 4 thousand 563 frogs

• 371 thousand 289 fish

• 1 thousand 229 “other rodents”

• 232 “other carnivores”

• 451 “other mammals”

• 202 “other amphibians”

• 5 thousand 988 “other birds”

Fireworks consultation open until 15/8

The Scottish Government is consulting on possible further regulation with regard to fireworks.

These things are a menace and a killer.

As an animal rights charity, we have a particular interest in their well documented damaging effects on animals.

As whatever and whoever causes suffering to non-humans usually causes suffering in the wider community, we also acknowledge the damaging impact on those with dementia, war veterans, those who have experienced trauma, and others.

Taking the big picture into account, free availability of devices, and the current circumstances in which they can be discharged, is unjustifiable.

Scotland for Animals supports the introduction of the following measures;

  • Enforcement of existing legislation limiting the discharging of fireworks, e.g. under the Explosives Act.
  • A ban on the general sale of fireworks. I.e. a ban on the purchase, possession or discharging of fireworks without a licence.
  • Any devices provided, sold or discharged should be of reduced noise type.
  • Criteria for any licence to discharge should take into account any potential impacts on animal welfare, and any conviction for crimes against animals should be material in consideration of a licence to possess.
  • Further restriction on permitted times when fireworks can be discharged.
  • Stronger penalties for breaches.

We recognise that some powers relating to fireworks are reserved. We would welcome more work to devolve these with an assurance that they will be used to end the bangs, or commitment to apply pressure upon the UK government to make these changes.

We must point out however that a well worn issue is again rearing it’s head: Headline grabbing promises of action, when powers already available which could provide much remedial action are not being utilised.

We feel a commitment to enforcement of current legislation, such as the banning of discharge of fireworks in a public place, is every bit as important as any new rules.

You can see the consultation documents here. You don’t need to complete all questions, you can also email your proposals and suggestions to Include your full name and address and whether you give permission for your response to be public and for you to be contacted in future.


Protest at Edinburgh zoo.

We would like to thank everybody for their toots of support, and the people who vowed never again to visit this or any other zoo after seeing the plight of animals inside.

Bill to end live exports now on it’s way


The Bill which will, if passed, ban live exports is now making it’s way through parliament.


Part 3, 42 of Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill will prohibit the export of live animals for fattening or slaughter from Britain.


It’s concerning to note however that the door for exports from Northern Ireland appears to still be open, as is that for animals exported for breeding.


While we believe these issues must be addressed, this Bill is a huge leap forward, and the result of one of the biggest battles in the history of the UK animal rights movement. A battle which cost activist Jill Phipps her life.


Legislation will cover Scotland, which removes the ability of the Scottish Government to resume live exports by choosing not to follow other UK nations in implementing a ban. This will close a loophole which has caused us great concern for some time.


We must keep in mind that there are a significant number of SNP and Conservative MPs (including leader Douglas Ross) representing Scottish constituencies who do not support a ban, and have the ability to disrupt attempts to bring an end to the trade should they have the inclination.


If your MP opposes a ban, please let them know that if they attempt to obstruct this initiative it won’t be forgotten.




New Chief Scientific Adviser’s connections to meat industry a cause for concern

Scotland for Animals are concerned by the appointment of an individual with extensive connections to the meat and salmon farming industries to the position of Chief Scientific Adviser for Scotland.

Professor Julie Fitzpatrick was appointed to the board of Quality Meat Scotland in 2014, and is CEO of the Moredun Group and Scientific panel member of the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, both of which work closely with the fish farming sector.

With a spotlight on the meat trade’s detrimental impact on public health, and it’s potential to cause catastrophic pandemics, the safety of appointing anyone with this background as a scientific adviser to lawmakers is highly questionable.

The appointment also raises further concerns regarding those with deep links to the animal exploitation industry being embedded in government, and their potential to steer policy in this industry’s favour.

SfA call for a complete separation of government and the meat, dairy, egg and “seafood” industry as a step towards creating a safe nation for non-humans.



Plans for Wallyford stadium officially binned

Plans for the new greyhound racing stadium at Wallyford near Edinburgh have now been officially scrapped.
In a sad twist however, it’s been reported that the site may be taken over by a butcher firm for meat processing.
Scotland for Animals would like to thank you, our supporters, for answering calls to action over the past 5 years, attending demo’s and for getting behind the greyhound groups united to stop “businessman” Howard Wallace in his tracks.
And they did. Literally.
We also believe special mention must go to Amanda, Davie and the activists from Greyhound Action Scotland who started the fightback against Wallace’s plans in 2001. We remember the great personal risk at which they put themselves to defend dogs.
Always keep in mind the difference you can make. Never give up.

UK death toll, December 2020

87 million, 615 thousand+ animals slaughtered

225 thousand+ cattle
1 million, 321 thousand+ sheep
969 thousand+ pigs
85 million, 100 thousand+ “poultry” birds
Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.
*Source; UK Government

UK death toll, November 2020


97 million, 850 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


251 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 370 thousand+ sheep

929 thousand+ pigs

95 million, 300 thousand + “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


*Source; UK Government





UK death toll, October 2020


111 million, 808 thousand+ animals slaughtered.


248 thousand+ cattle

1 million, 356 thousand+ sheep

1 million, 4 thousand+ pigs

109 million, 200 thousand + “poultry” birds


Does not include other species such as deer, goats, horses, “game birds”, aquatic animals or animals exported for killing.


*Source; UK Government