Every day in Scotland experimental procedures are conducted on animals. Proportionally more animals are tested on in our nation than any other country in the UK.

Many practitioners and funders of animal experimentation also admit that it is a poor predictor of how drugs will perform in humans. Reliance on animals can be affected by fear of litigation and financial penalty should a product cause death, injury or not be fit for purpose.


Huge Government grants and subsidies provided by charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK are funding brutality towards animals right now.

An increasing number of doctors, medical professionals and scientists are speaking out against vivisection saying it᾿s hampering the discovery of treatments and cures. It is encouraged by drug firms in order to protect profits, not lives.

Scotland for Animals in an appeal for action decided to contact MSP᾿s on this situation.

  • Many MSP᾿s did not respond.

  • All but one MSP who did reply stated their full support for the use of animals in experiments.

Are they really representing your views on this? We᾿re not convinced they are.


  • 68% of all experiments on animals are conducted without any anaesthetic.

  • 92% of new drugs successful in animal studies go on to fail in clinical trials.

  • 82% of doctors in an independent survey in 2004 were "concerned that animal data can be misleading when applied to humans" and 83% would "support an independent scientific evaluation of the clinical relevance of animal experimentation."

  • Despite claims that it is essential no evaluation has been carried out regarding the efficacy or effectiveness of animal experiments

  • Many studies have shown that animals predict correctly for humans less than 50% of the time: Tossing a coin would be more accurate.

  • More than 10,000 people are killed every year in the UK by side effects of prescription medicines

If anything else had a 90% fail rate it would be abandoned. Because of bad policy and bad habits vivisection keeps on killing humans and non-humans regardless.


That᾿s the most frequent question asked. The answer is simple, you can actually do a lot. Your voice can help us pressure for change and achieve it quicker.

  • Order our free vivisection campaign materials for your workplace, school, library etc.

  • Ask your family, friends and contacts to get involved. Help us get more people on board.

  • You can ask your MSP to take note of your concerns and request they take action. Write to them here.


We don't offer a template here as that leads to cut & paste emails being ignored and deleted as spam by administration offices staff and ultimately the ministers themselves. Instead you should write a short email in your own words covering the following points:

I am fully in support of Scotland for Animals’ campaign to bring vivisection practices to question in Scotland.

That you wish to see Scotland for Animals and other reputable animal organisations on board to advise and give support.


All your donations go directly to campaigning. Please consider giving what you can.

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